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Title: Resolved
Author/Artist: DoreyG
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, very slight angst
URL (if not posted here): -
Characters/Pairings: Rosalie/Alice, Emmett, hints towards Emmett/Edward
Short summary: Another year onto a hundred (or a thousand)
Any warnings: My first fic for Twilight, mentions of femmeslash, hints towards slash
Disclaimer: Not mine

It was just another year onto a hundred now, or a thousand after so many years time was starting to become hazy even for her. Even vampires get old, not in body certainly… but every mind starts to wonder after a while, it may be just twenty years or practically eternity, some form of madness would claim everybody in time.

The one memory that remained constant through everything was that of a girl with ruffled black hair and eyes that sparkled with the knowledge of the future.

She was probably still alive out there somewhere, but time had ripped everything apart leaving a unfixable trail behind.

Emmett still stays with her but he pays her as much mind as she pays him, his mind is on one tall and slim with as much skill in reading minds as she has in sticking to things.

At least in years long past anyway…

This year she resolves to try and be like her past self for just one day, on the day of the turning of the year, an old holiday that only she seems to remember anymore.

So, she lives like her past self for just a year, until on one shadowed night when Emmett is safely within a hotel room Rosalie walks the streets and suddenly remembers that this day is the turning yet again.

But this time as she starts to count towards the change a small black haired woman walks to her side and smiles a time filled smile at her, and suddenly Rosalie has no need for a resolution anymore.

With Alice by her side everything is resolved.

Tags: challenge #1, pairing: alice/rosalie, pairing: edward/emmett
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