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Twilight Awry

A fanfic community for Non-Canon Twilight ships.

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A fanfiction community for non-canon ships in the Twilight universe.
a·wry adv., adj. 1. with a turn or twist to one side; askew: to glance or look awry.
2. away from the expected or proper direction; amiss; wrong: Our plans went awry.

Welcome to twilightawry, a fanfiction and art community for any and all non-canon ships in the Twilight universe; het or slash, pairing, threesome, foursome, or moresome. Feel free to join and post any of your non-canon stories, but first, please read the rules and follow them when posting. :)

· This is first and foremost a fanfiction community, however art is allowed and encouraged! It MUST be art in the traditional sense, though! Only drawings, sketches, paintings, CG, etc. ABSOLUTELY NO HEADERS, ICONS, MANIPS, OR ANY OTHER GRAPHICS. There's twilightmanips for those, and your post here will be deleted.

· What counts as non-canon? Anything pairing other than Edward/Bella, Jacob/Bella, Carlisle/Esme, Alice/Jasper, or Emmett/Rosalie.

. Crossovers will not be accepted here... we recommend to post your fics to twilight_xover. Thanks!

· Stories that mention canon ships are allowed, so long as the focus is on a non-canon ship. This is a non-canon community, therefore those are the ships we want to see.

· When posting a story OR art, be sure to include the title & pairing in the subject line, and the title, pairing, rating, and link to the story (if you do not post the story here) with a short disclaimer in the entry.

· All stories and art, no matter how short, must be placed beneath an LJ-cut! This keeps the community looking nice and the watchers happy that their flists aren't being messed up. If you don't know how to do one, look here.

· If you're posting anything rated R or NC-17, friends lock the entry.

· Discussion posts will be deleted, so please don't post them. It only takes one comment to start a battle of words, and there are plenty of other communities that support such things. Movie news and any other discussion does not belong here.

· That being said, be nice! We're all just here to have fun. There is a lot of negativity in the Twilight fandom, and none of that will be there. Unless, of course, the fic is angsty.

· Do not do an introduction post! We're sure you're great and that you only mean well, but this is not the place for it. Discussion communities are better suited towards that kind of thing. :)

· Advertising for other communities &/or events is not allowed unless you have permission from one of the Mods.

FAQ: If you have any other questions feel free to ask in this post.

Moderator: lapoix

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